Thinking of going back to school?
Need help in making a career plan? Not sure how to finance your education?

Aboriginal Futures can help. Our counsellors can assist you
in developing a career action plan and can also help
qualifying clients access funding. Criteria:

The Funding Application Checklist can be viewed HERE.

The Employer Research Form can be viewed HERE.

All funding applications must be received four (4) to six
(6) weeks prior to the start date of your program.

If your program requires a criminal record check, it MUST be included in your funding application.

In other words, you should apply for a criminal record check approximately six (6) weeks prior to submitting your funding application and 10 weeks prior to the start of your program.

To determine if your program requires you to submit a criminal record check, make an appointment with a career counsellor.

Academic Upgrading

For a list of Calgary institutions that offer academic upgrading,
visit our links page or speak with one of our career counsellors.


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