About Us

Many employers would like to hire Indigenous workers but do not know how to successfully engage with Calgary's
Indigenous community.

We are your point of contact for Indigenous job seekers.

We are a labour market intermediary. We help improve the
flow of labour market information by acting as a broker
between Indigenous job seekers and local employers looking for
Indigenous employees.

Founded in 2000, we have a trusted relationship with the
Indigenous population in Calgary and the surrounding area.

We may sound like a placement agency...
but we aren't.

We work on both sides of the labor market, evaluating changing labour market needs while also assessing the skills and interests of job seekers.

Unlike placement agencies, we put considerable emphasis on placement supports and services that can encourage job retention.

Additionally, our services are free of charge.

How are we different?

Whereas other service providers may offer Indigenous
employment assistance as one component of their
services, we devote 100 percent of our services to
help Indigenous individuals obtain meaningful employment.

We provide a comprehensive range of supports that can
help increase employee retention, lower recruitment costs
and reduce training expenses. We also offer a number of
programs and funding options that can save you money.

Money-Saving Programs

Looking to increase the visibility of your company
within the Indigenous community? Want to recruit for
current and upcoming employment opportunities?

Aboriginal Futures can help spread the word and increase your chances of finding the perfect employee(s).

We host in-house events throughout the year and share employment opportunities with our growing online community via our Facebook page.

Aboriginal Futures will be hosting our next Indigenous Fall Job Fair in October 2019.

"When working with Aboriginal Futures we can always count on a career counselor to
provide ongoing support to both employer and employee.
This has proven to be a
valuable service and has enabled us to increase employee retention.

Belinda Berg | District Employment Specialist | Safeway Canada

We are always eager to hear from local employers.

View a PDF version of our employer services here: Doherecuments/AboriginalFuturesEmployerPamphlet.pdf



Leigh-Ann Palfrey
Event Coordinator


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